Class Ambling::Column::Settings
In: lib/ambling/column.rb
Parent: Object

value or explanation between () brackets shows the range or type of values you should use for this parameter

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Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Axes
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Background
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Balloon
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Column
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::ErrorMessages
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::ExportAsImage
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Graphs
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Grid
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Labels
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Legend
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Line
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::PlotArea
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Strings
Class Ambling::Column::Settings::Values


VALUES = [:type,:data_type,:csv_separator,:skip_rows,:font,:text_size,:text_color,:decimals_separator,:thousands_separator,:digits_after_decimal,:redraw,:reload_data_interval,:preloader_on_reload,:add_time_stamp,:precision,:depth,:angle,:column,:line,:background,:plot_area,:grid,:values,:axes,:balloon,:legend,:export_as_image,:error_messages,:strings,:labels,:graphs]


add_time_stamp  [RW] 
(true / false) if true, a unique number will be added every time flash loads data. Mainly this feature is useful if you set reload _data_interval
angle  [RW] 
(0 - 90) angle of chart area and columns (for 3D effect)
axes  [RW]  axes
background  [RW]  BACKGROUND
balloon  [RW]  BALLOON
column  [RW] 
csv_separator  [RW] 
(string) csv file data separator (you need it only if you are using csv file for your data)
data_type  [RW] 
(xml / csv)
decimals_separator  [RW] 
(string) decimal separator. Note, that this is for displaying data only. Decimals in data xml file must be separated with a dot
depth  [RW] 
(Number) the depth of chart and columns (for 3D effect)
digits_after_decimal  [RW] 
(Number) if your value has less digits after decimal then is set here, zeroes will be added
error_messages  [RW]  "error_messages" settings will be applied for all error messages except the one which is showed if settings file wasn‘t found
export_as_image  [RW]  export_as_image feature works only on a web server
font  [RW] 
(font name) use device fonts, such as Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma, Verdana…
graphs  [RW]  if graph settings are defined both here and in data file, the ones from data file are used
grid  [RW]  GRID
labels  [RW]  labels can also be added in data xml file, using exactly the same structure like it is here
legend  [RW]  LEGEND
line  [RW]  Here are general settings for "line" graph type. You can set most of these settings for individual lines in graph settings below
plot_area  [RW]  PLOT AREA (the area between axes)
precision  [RW] 
(Number) shows how many numbers should be shown after comma for calculated values (percents)
preloader_on_reload  [RW] 
(true / false) Whether to show preloaded when data or settings are reloaded
redraw  [RW]  this function is beta, be careful. Legend, buttons labels will not be repositioned if you set your x and y values for these objects
reload_data_interval  [RW] 
(Number) how often data should be reloaded (time in seconds)
skip_rows  [RW] 
(Number) if you are using csv data type, you can set the number of rows which should be skipped here
strings  [RW] 
text_color  [RW] 
(hex color code) main text color. Every text color can be set individually in the settings below
text_size  [RW] 
(Number) text size of all texts. Every text size can be set individually in the settings below
thousands_separator  [RW] 
(string) thousand separator
type  [RW] 
(column / bar)
values  [RW]  VALUES