Class Ambling::Line::Settings::Strings
In: lib/ambling/line.rb
Parent: Object

Included Modules



VALUES = [:no_data,:export_as_image,:error_in_data_file,:collecting_data,:wrong_zoom_value]


collecting_data  [RW] 
Collecting data
(text) this text is displayed while exporting chart to an image
error_in_data_file  [RW] 
Error in data file
(text) this text is displayed if there is an error in data file or there is no data in file. "There is no data" means that there should actually be at least one space in data file. If data file will be completly empty, it will display "error loading file" text
export_as_image  [RW] 
Export as image
(text) text for right click menu
no_data  [RW] 
No data for selected period
(text) if data for selected period is missing, this message will be displayed
wrong_zoom_value  [RW] 
Incorrect values
(text) this text is displayed if you set zoom through JavaScript and entered from or to value was not find between series